Making waves replacing plastic with sustainable bamboo
Plant-based handmade bamboo sunglasses brand launches across the planet.
December 1, 2018
Maple Yo, a new designer of luxury handcrafted bamboo sunglasses today announced it would be launching worldwide online. The Canadian company, which prides itself on crafting unique one-of-a-kind bamboo products for the outdoor community, will design and ship it’s bamboo sunglasses around the world starting today.
“We are thrilled to launch online and showcase our products in the leading outdoors and ‘green’ communities of the world”, says founder and creative director of Maple Yo, David Bates. “Their passion and dedication to exploring our oceans and invigorating our natural habitats is already well known. It’s an honor to be able to design for this active community.”
Maple Yo has been prototyping handcrafted bamboo products for years now and is finally releasing it’s first: floatable sunglasses with lightweight black frames and eye-catching blue lenses. The company revealed that the frames and custom case are made of 100% organic giant moso bamboo and include polarized 9-layer lenses in blue with double UV coating. While the majority of other bamboo sunglasses brands include a microfibre pouch, made of microplastics, Maple Yo’s feature a stylish laser-etched plant-based linen pouch, made of 100% flax.
David added, “we were distressed when we learned about the existence of the “Great Pacific garbage patch” a few years ago and the fact that an estimated eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year. Now, the tonnage is on target to increase tenfold in the next decade unless the world finds a way to switch to plant-based alternatives to plastic.”
To learn more about their mission, expansion plans, or to book an interview, contact David Bates at [removed] or email, [removed], or visit the website at The Maple Yo global launch party will take place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan at Bar Wonderwall in December, 2018.
About Maple Yo
Maple Yo was founded with a rebellious spirit.. and a maple heart to prove that people didn’t need to compromise to go green – that bamboo products can be better, healthier and more fun to use than plastic ones. Today, Maple Yo creates delightful and sustainably grown plant-based products.
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