A charming local yoga teacher just covered us in her blog post.. Thanks so much for your support Casey Hu ! 🎃


Google Translated into English:”.. At the end of yoga this morning, I chatted with Canadian classmate David for a while… I asked him what he was doing. He said that he was doing business in bamboo products and took me with bamboo sunglasses (I thought he was Like most foreigners, most of them only teach English in Taiwan. I suspiciously repeatedly confirmed: “Bamboo?”, he also repeatedly confirmed that this “pig” sunglasses is the first product he just launched two weeks ago.

I felt very light after trying it on, carefully examined it, found it very delicate, and listened to him saying that it can effectively resist UV, I immediately wanted to buy a pair. It’s just the price I guessed in my heart, far more than the amount I’m willing to pay now. . . I immediately bought A pair of sunglasses with blue reflective lenses.

After wearing an afternoon, I feel very comfortable. Moreover, if you use David’s words, wear this pair of glasses, “Mother Nature” will love you! Finally, I will serve David’s “Maple Yo” business service: his next product to be launched is the “Pig” watch! It also looks cool.”

Original Chinese text:”。。。今天早上瑜伽結束時,我跟加拿大同學David閒聊了一會兒。。。我問他從事什麼工作,他說自營竹製品生意,並拿下竹製墨鏡給我看(我原以為他跟多數老外一樣,在台多半只教英文)。我狐疑地再三確定:「Bamboo?」,他也再三確認這個「豬子」墨鏡是他二個星期前剛推出的第一件商品。


戴了一下午後,我覺得很舒服。況且,套用David的話,戴這副眼鏡,「搭芝蘭」會愛妳唷!最後再替David公司「Maple Yo」工商服務一下:他即將推出的下一個商品是「豬子」手錶哦!看起來也超酷的。”

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