What is Maple Blog ?

Our new blog is finally here. Find all of our favourite sustainable household recipes and eco-friendly tips, tricks and life hacks under one roof 🌱

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and grow a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle and “green” community. This blog is a combination of three passions we hold to heart: creativity, DIY, and making the world a better place ! 🌿

At the Maple Yo Blog you’ll find simple solutions and inspiration to pave the way for a healthy, natural lifestyle. We are a leading resource and community for sustainability, slow living, and taking the path less-traveled. 💛

Thank you, dear reader, for your interest in sustainable living and in our work !

From Maple Story:

With our environment’s preservation in mind, our Canadian Founder, David Bates had been spouting the virtues of making his own DIY homemade toothpaste, sunscreen – while going shampoo-free and all the rest – for years. But getting “greener” and “greener” in his own life wasn’t enough to make a large enough impact in order to really make a difference.”

We’ve compiled all of our favourite recipes and can’t wait to share them with you here~

“While most people’s bathrooms look like Plastic City…”

“…our looks more like Bathroom Island !”

Here’s why we’re unique 💡

Our Maple Blog is still the only eco friendly blog and/or sustainable lifestyle website without any Amazon affiliate marketing links or outside corporate financial incentives !

What are Amazon affiliate links ?

Amazon affiliate links 🌐 are the way the other sustainable blogs earn a commission by promoting companies products on Amazon. The bloggers find customers for Amazon by creating content that mentions products. The bloggers then use unique Amazon “affiliate links” that include an ID associated with them. In this way, Amazon knows which sales can be attributed to different affiliate bloggers. Bloggers then get a payment for each sale by customer like you through Amazon. It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised by the amount of people who haven’t actually used the products they are endorsing.

Why we don’t use Amazon affiliate links: A Blog🌱 You Can Trust

Our Maple Blog provides our favourite eco-friendly recipes 🌊 and ideas to you because we want you to be inspired, be creative and help save our planet. We’d like for you to trust our recommendations without reservation. 🌴

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